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BM simbolo


In more than 25 years of history, BM has had a strong presence in energy, engineering and real estate development.


Headed by engineers and partners Ricardo Montenegro and Fernando Bezerra, who always guide their decisions based on performance and based on 3 important pillars:
control of COST, TIME AND QUALITY.  


One of BM's greatest hallmarks is the attention to its relationships. “In every business we enter into, we have always cultivated long-term relationships with our customers and investors.  For us, this is extremely important.”, emphasizes Ricardo.


In the search for a better and more human world, BM has collaborated over several years with AMIGOS, a non-profit association located in Fortaleza that aims to do good for society that does not have access to healthcare, providing medical treatments, equipment , food, among others.



The value of our work lies in exceeding our clients’ expectations.


Our priorities are the satisfaction of our customers and quality in all aspects of our activities.


Our success depends on our commitment, acquired know-how and the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.


Deadlines exist and must be met.


Our business and our works are based on serious planning and results.

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